“To do your will, O my God, is my delight, and your law is written in my heart!” – Psalm 40

Bulletins & Notices

January 15, 2017Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 8, 2017The Epiphany of the Lord
January 1, 2017The Solemnity of Mary, World Day of Prayer for Peace
December 25, 2016The Nativity of the Lord

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Mass Intentions January 14 – 20

Saturday 4:30 pmThe sick of the Parish
Sunday 9:00 am✝ Nicholas Marasco, ✝ Hans and Carola Schmidthues
Sunday 11:15 am✝ Esther Panziera Pedavilla, ✝ Jason Hall, ✝ Lorena Merino
Sunday 5:00 pmLas familias de la comunidad
Wednesday 7:00 amIntentions of the Schmidthues Family
Thursday 7:00 am✝ Jill Taylor
Friday 7:00 am✝ Jeff Taylor

Special Events and Dates

Wednesday, March 1Ash Wednesday

Please see the bulletins [*] for details.

Liturgical Ministries

As we enter Ordinary Time, following a beautiful Christmas Season, it seems like an especially appropriate time to consider serving in one of our liturgical ministries. We have a special need for more parishioners to serve our community in one or more of the following ministries:

  • Lectors (Proclaimers of God’s Word),
  • Ministers of the Eucharist,
  • Greeters of Hospitality/Ushers,
  • Altar Servers

Please speak with Fr Dennis after Mass or by calling the Parish Office if you are willing and able to serve in one of these special ministries. Thank you for prayerfully considering this important need that we have.

Second Collection Next Weekend — January 21-22

We will have a second collection for the Retirement Fund for Aged and Infirm Priests on the January 21-22 weekend.

50th Anniversary of the Diocese of Monterey

A very beautiful and informative book on the History of the Diocese of Monterey is available following our Masses this weekend and in the Parish Office during the week. Grace upon Grace — A History of the Diocese of Monterey. The beautiful, hardcover, 50th anniversary book with glossy paper, 264 pages, full color, 10” x 10”, is available at cost in the Parish Office for $30.

A second book entitled Saint Junipero Serra— First Saint Proclaimed in the United States of America is also available in a large comic book format for $10.

Noticias Especiales

Misa en Español – Cada domingo a las 5:00 pm.

50 Aniversario de la Diócesis de Monterey
Tenemos disponible un libro muy especial sobre la historia de la Diócesis por el costo de $30. Estamos vendiendo el libro en la oficina parroquial y después de las Misas este fin de semana.

Parejas – Descubran como pueden fortalecer su fe y matrimonio. Dense la oportunidad de empezar el año asistiendo a una experiencia de un fin de semana del Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial. El próximo fin de semana será los días 27, 28 y 29 de enero. Para más información comuníquense con Artemio y Gladys Del Águila al 774-1335 o a montereynorte@emm17.org.

Confesiones – Cada sábado a las 3:30 pm.

Retrouvaille Weekend January 20-22, 2017

Retrouvaille is a special weekend for couples in need of healing and renewal in their marriage. For more information, visit HelpOurMarriage.com or contact Eric and Beth at 831-479-1260.

Youth Corner

John the Baptist knew one would come after him who was sent by God. But how would John know who this person was? The Lord spoke to John and told him to watch for the one on whom the Spirit rested. How do we recognize God in our midst? We can know that God is at work in us, in others, or in a situation in which we see evidence of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Check out Galatians 5:22-23 for the list of the fruits of the Spirit. Whenever you see these at work, know that God is there!

Communion for the Sick and Homebound

We are blessed to have Ministers of the Eucharist of our parish available to take Communion to our sick or homebound parishioners who are unable to attend Sunday Mass. Please contact the Parish Office if you have a family member or neighbor who would like to be visited with the Eucharist.