O Lord my God, in you I take refuge – Psalm 7


Bulletins & Notices

cross_4509c March 22,2015, Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 15, 2015, Fourth Sunday of Lent
March 8, 2015, Third Sunday of Lent
March 1, 2015, Second Sunday of Lent

Fr. Emil celebrates: No More Debt!
2015 Second Collections 
2014 Poinsettia Memorial Masses
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Mass Intentions, March 21-27, 2015

Saturday 4:30    ✝ Charles & Juanita, Don & Warren Bunting
Sunday 9:00 am   ✝ Patricia Athenour, Nicholas Marasco, Maria Naranjo
Sunday 11:15 am   ✝ Edith Davis, Fausta Rubio, Locke Family
Wednesday 7:00 am   ✝ Arthur & Ruth Taylor, William Young, Hazel Winchell
Thursday 7:00 am   ✝ Cornelia Benolds, Mel White
Friday 7:00 am   ✝ Edith Davis, Desman & Dorothy Stenger

Communal Reconciliation

As it is our custom, on Monday of the Holy Week (March 30) at 6:00 pm we invite you to attend our communal reconciliation celebration. Bring your entire family! Invite friends and neighbors along. We have all sinned; as we enter the most holy week of the year, we ask the Lord to forgive and purify our hearts! We cannot allow our sins and mistakes to put us down! Christ came to remove our guilt. There is no sin which God does not forgive. Let’s get ready to celebrate our Easter reconciled with God and one another! This service takes less than 30 minutes!
Come and be forgiven!

Lenten Healing Mass

On Saturday, March 14 (Fourth Sunday of Lent), at 4:30 pm Vigil Mass, we will have a special Healing Mass with the anointing of the sick. All those who are in need of healing will be anointed after a very brief homily. Please bring your relatives and friends who need God’s healing grace. If you know some people who cannot attend the church for whatever reason, please call the parish office to arrange a home visit. If people cannot come to the church, let the Church come to them!

Easter Special Food Delivery

On Saturday, March 28, our Manna Ministry will have a special Easter Food Delivery for those in need at Rippling River and Cachagua. During this coming week we will be accepting lamb, ham or any protein which will make Easter dinner special. Drop your donation in the metal bins adjacent to the Hope’s Pantry if no one is in the office. Make Easter special for someone in need!!!

Lenten Dinners – Only one more

Special thanks to Ray Lucido and all the volunteers who made our Lenten seafood dinners possible!!! It takes a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun and a nice way to get together! The menu for March 27 is: spirals pasta; Puttanesca sauce (olives and cappers base); combo Prawns/Salmon; Caesar salad. Thank you to all of you who attended and brought a friend and/or neighbor along.

Things to do before Easter

Bring Easter Lilies to the church – All flowers are in memory of our loved ones. Make sure to have a name tag so that we will be celebrating a Mass for them. We accept lilies and fresh cut Calla lilies or any other flowers during the Holy Week. We need lots of them!

Feed the hungry– On March 28, the Manna Ministry will have a special Easter food delivery. During the week of March 23-27 we will be accepting lamb,turkey, ham or any protein which will make Easter dinner special for those in need! If no one is in the office, please drop your food items in the outdoor metal bins!

Welcome our new families

We welcome the new families who just joined our parish and we continue to pray for those who moved from the area. Make sure to welcome and befriend the newest among us: Apfel, Boitano, Fernandez, Harrington, Haun, Hunter, Loiacono, Reilly, Rubinstein and Russo families! This is your new spiritual home and we are happy that you are here!!!