The Kingdom of God is Within You – Luke 17:21


Bulletins & Notices


August 21, 2016 – Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 14, 2016 – Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 7, 2016 – Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 3, 2016 – Summer Special Edition

Mass Intentions, August 20 – 26, 2016

Saturday 4:30 pm   Intentions of Mike Radosky, ✝ Marianne Lino
Sunday 9:00 am   ✝ Renzo Latone
Sunday 11:15 am   ✝ Jennifer McNamara Cunha, ✝ Lorena Merino
Wednesday 7:00 am   ✝ Renzo Latone
Thursday 7:00 am   ✝ Marianne Lino
Friday 7:00 am ✝ Kent Butts

Events and Dates

August 28, Sunday after 11:15 am Mass Farewell Brunch for Fr Emil
September 1, Thursday at 5:30 pm Agape Evening “Catholic Olympics” [*]
September 4 Canonization of Mother Teresa, Founder of Missionaries of Charity
September 15 Registration for First Communion and Confirmation open until this date.[*]

Please see the bulletins [*] for important details.

Future OLMC Pastor and Farewell Brunch

As you well know, next Sunday August 28 is my last weekend with you. I will officially be here with this parish until Wednesday, August 31. Afterwards you can find me at San Carlos Cathedral, 500 Church Street, Monterey. I spoke recently with the Bishop and he said that for a brief period of time he will have Fr. Donald Higgins or another retired priest here, until a permanent pastor/administrator is chosen. Please know that I will do everything possible to have a smooth transition and I will be more than willing to come back and help if needed. After all we are all one Church, one Family!!! — Father Emil

Farewell Pot Luck Brunch for Father Emil – August 28

Please join your parish family after the 11:15 am Mass on August 28th to wish Father well on his new assignment at San Carlos Cathedral. Please bring a dish to share. Best options are finger foods and simple-to-serve items. Drinks will be provided.

If your name ends in…
… A through J, please bring an appetizer (dips, cheese & crackers, etc.)
… K through S, please bring a main dish item (quiche, finger sandwiches, etc.)
… T through Z, please bring a dessert (cookies, fruit plates, sliced cake, etc.)

Thank you Carmen and Fred Luiz!

Fred and Carmen Luiz have been with us for many years and they are literally two pillars of faith in our community. They were responsible for the Hope’s Pantry, feeding so many people each Wednesday and driving once or twice a week to the Food Bank and other stores. Fred has been our webmaster, computer specialist, money-counter and facilities manager. They were also with Manna Ministry, Hospitality, working with our phone system… Fred was the go-to guy always ready to help with just about everything. Hope’s Pantry would not exist without Carmen! The Luiz Family had been very generous contributors to our scholarship program and to our finances in general! They love this parish so much! Unfortunately they are moving away from the area. We thank them so much for everything they have done. We are going to miss them tremendously. Much love to you Carmen and Fred — thank you!!!

Faith Formation Registration

Parents can register their children for our First Communion; also high school students can register now for the sacrament of Confirmation. Registration forms are available at the entrance of the church. First Communion and Confirmation are two year programs and once registered, you don’t have to register again for the second year. Registration will be open until September 15. Please know that along with the registration form we need the following documents (copies): birth certificate, baptismal certificate, first Communion certificate for Confirmation, and the sacramental fee. We do not accept partial registrations so you need to have all these documents. Margaret Lopez, our First Communion Director, will be the main coordinator. Registrations can be submitted to us after each weekend Mass.

Catechists Needed

We are in dire need for catechists to teach our children in First Communion program. Will you be willing to share with our little ones the story of our faith and the traditions of the Church? Will you be willing to sacrifice 1.5 hours a week to do that? We have about 30 classes per year. Materials are provided. Please consider becoming a catechist. Give it a try and see how rewarding this ministry is.

Manna Ministry Needs YOU

Team Four has a critical shortage of volunteers for its Manna Ministry obligations. Please volunteer, it’s only about one hour of a Saturday morning every two months. Contact John Finn at 408-315-3097 (phone or text) if you can make time.

Agape Evening, Thursday September 1

We are so excited about this new ministry where we welcome families with children and teenagers and have 1.5 hours of upbeat music, learn about our faith in a fun way and dine together. PARENTS WITH CHILDREN & TEENAGERS please consider coming; just contact Lindsay Beery at and let her know how many people will attend. The theme of our second event will be: Catholic Olympics and for sure we will have tons of fun. Everyone is welcome. We will start at 5:30 pm and will be finished by 7:00 pm.

Tree Memorial

We did a tremendous amount of work in clearing all bushes and dead myoporum, which were affected by some bug infection. Many of you offered to purchase trees and we have your information. Hopefully in September-October, when the rains will come, we are going to plant new trees all around our property line, which is about 4 acres. We will plant numerous trees: fruit, ornamental, and evergreens. Let us know if you are interested in sponsoring one tree or more.