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cross_4509c December 14, 2014, Third Sunday of Advent
December 7, 2014, Second Sunday of Advent
November 30, 2014, First Sunday of Advent
November 23, 2014Christ the King of the Universe

Fr. Emil celebrates: No More Debt!
2014 Sunday Second Collections 
Easter Lily Memorial Masses
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Mass Intentions, December 13-19, 2014

Saturday 4:30    ✝ Carl Wagner, Rick Prado
Sunday 9:00 am   ✝ Al Medina
Sunday 11:15 am   ✝ Michael Hunzer
Wednesday 7:00 am   ✝ Jeffrey Taylor, Al Medina
Thursday 7:00 am   ✝ Fr. Max Santamaria
Friday 7:00 am   ✝ Deceimo Andrade, Gregory Howard

Parish Debt — No More!!

Last Wednesday I sent an email to all parishioners informing  you that, finally, we did it: we reached a milestone in the history of this parish! After more than 15 years of debt, our little parish paid our full parish debt of $686,335.96. Heartfelt thanks to all who donated towards this purpose via Project 200, AMA, online, and, of course, through our second collections. Words cannot express how grateful I am for each one of you and for all the support you offer so generously. It took us 5 years to do this together, while paying for major projects such as asphalting the parking lot, painting the church, adding a new awning, and installing a new hall patio! Does this mean the end of giving to the parish? No!!! We will continue having a second collection on the first Sunday of each month. This time we will dedicate our donations towards our Building & Maintenance. This will be a designated account, and we will use it for major projects and repairs, such as changing the carpet in the church/facilities and fixing/enforcing the foundation of the church. After Christmas, we will have a nice parish BBQ to celebrate this event. We deserve it! Congrats OLMC! We achieved in five years what it was not done in decades! Thank you and thank God!!! – Fr. Emil

Manna Ministry needs help

Each week our parish fees the hungry via Hope’s Pantry and Manna Ministry. We clothe the needy via Hope’s Boutique. We are in need of at least one family who can lift up some packages with food and help Team 5 for our food delivery. If you are interested, you will be scheduled every 6 weeks for about 2.5 hours. If you want to see the face of Christ in others, would you please volunteer???

Welcome our new families

We welcome new families and we pray for those who are moving from the area. This weekend we would like to welcome to our little parish some families who joined our parish in the last few months and registered with our parish. We thank them for becoming part of OLMC family and looking forward to celebrating together in the Eucharist and in the many other activities which our family of faith provides. Make sure to welcome and befriend them. Welcome to: Biegel, Broad, Diaz-Osornio, Erskine, Finn, Garcia, Jakubowski, Kristl, Luna, Martinez, Moore, Perez-Quintero, Platte, Smith, Willford, Zurlinden. All new families and all those who did not receive a parish directory are invited to come to the parish office and pick one up.