The Kingdom of God is Within You – Luke 17:21


Bulletins & Notices

cross_4509c July 3, 2016 – Summer Special Edition
June 26, 2016 – Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 19, 2016 – Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 12, 2016 – Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary  

Mass Intentions, July 23 – July 31, 2016

Saturday 4:30 pm   ✝ Edith Douglas
Sunday 9:00 am   ✝ Marjorie Klemek
Sunday 11:15 am   ✝ Lorena Merino
Wednesday 7:00 am   ✝ Michael Caoili
Thursday 7:00 am   ✝ Dan Callinan
Friday 7:00 am ✝ Gerald Dalton

Saturday 7/30 4:30 pm   ✝ Marie Lucido
Sunday 7/31 9:00 am   ✝ Joseph Ortman
Sunday 7/31 11:15 am   ✝ Edmund Luiz

Welcome Father Loiacono

We welcome Fr Jim Loiacono who will be with us for the entire month of July. Fr Jim visited us before, since he has some family members in our parish. He will stay with us and will be in charge of the parish pastoral duties. Please note that he is not in charge of administration so don’t bother him with issues of this nature. Thank you Fr Jim for coming in our midst and offering to celebrate the sacraments with us especially the Eucharist. We are so grateful to have you here. Make sure to personally welcome him and invite him for lunch and/or dinner. Since Fr Jim is of Italian descent, we say to him Benvenuto!!! Welcome and enjoy your stay in this beautiful “orchard of God” – “Carmel” in Hebrew!!!

Open Letter from Father Emil — Which Direction?

On June 25, Fr Emil sent a letter to all parishioners (also published on this website) about the renovation/building of our church and facilities. It was entitled “Which Direction?”. Fr Emil explained where we are and where he stands. During the month of July, please read his letter and invoke God’s grace and wisdom upon us. Discuss this letter with your fellow parishioners as well. Let the Holy Spirit guide us and may the Lord be the One who will empower us to do God’s will.

Tree Memorial

We started clearing the dead trees and the brush all around the property. There is still a lot of work to be done. We will continue cleaning in August and September. Afterwards, we are going to plant new trees all around our property line: fruit, ornamental and evergreens. Let us know if you are interested in sponsoring one tree or more.

Faith Formation News

Attention of all parents with children in First Communion and teenagers in Confirmation: students in our second year do not need to re-register. We already have all the information needed. However, parents who want to enroll your children for our first year of these ministries: we will provide and receive Registration Forms for First Communion and Confirmation beginning with August 15. So, please contact the parish office after this date if you wish to enroll your children in our faith formation first year class.