Lord, you are good and forgiving — Psalm 86:5

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Bulletins & Notices

cross_4509cAugust 31, 2014, Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 24, 2014, Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2014, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 10, 2014, Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 3, 2014, Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Weekly Mass Intentions

August 30 – September 5, 2014

Saturday 4:30   Intentions Laura Burks
Sunday 9:00 am   ✝ Artemio Martinez
Sunday 11:15 am   ✝ Leslie Laverty
Wednesday 7:00 am   ✝ Betty Groves
Thursday 7:00 am   ✝ Artemio Martinez
Friday 7:00 am   Intentions Laura Burks

September: A Recommitment to Stewardship

Can you believe that this coming Monday is the first day of September??? Summer’s end brings with it nostalgia for carefree days, long nights, lazy week-end afternoons, reunions with families, and summer road trips.
But in our parish, autumn brings a burst of new life that makes September feel almost like spring. Why? One reason is because this month (Sep. 28) we begin all faith formation ministries. Another reason is that fall brings a renewed sense of commitment. This is the time when we reexamine and reconfirm our stewardship. If you found yourself away from your parish this summer – either through neglect or through travel and visits to other parishes – now is the time to get reacquainted. Our parish is our primary faith commu-nity, where we build relationships based on our shared values and sacramental life, and September is a wonderful way to come “home” to that community.
Some things which will draw you closer to your faith community during September:
• Spend time with people you may not have seen due to summer travels, and “meet and greet” any newcomers you spot.
• Consider joining a ministry this year. Think of something that will reinvigorate you, provide the greatest service, bring out your best talents, and help you to meet more of your fellow parishioners.
• Take inventory of your financial giving. Did you sometimes neglect the parish offertory during the summer months? We have online giving with automatic withdrawal, so that your year-round stewardship helps provide the parish with a stable income.
• Make Sunday Mass your top week­end priority, ahead of sports, school activities, or other temptations.

First Communion and Confirmation Registration

The First Communion and Confirmation programs will start on the weekend of September 27/28, 2014. Registration for these ministries will occur on the weekends of September 14 and 21 after each Mass. Beginning this year, our First Communion program will be two years, in line with the new diocesan guidelines and other parishes. Thus, there will be no First Communions in 2015. Parents must be registered and active in the parish BEFORE enrolling their children in these programs. An active parishioner is someone who comes to the church on a regular basis, is recognized by the pastor, and financially supports the parish. Confirmation students together with their parents must attend an orientation meeting on Saturday, September 27 after 4:30 pm Mass.

Youth Group & Ministry

During the Parish Pastoral Council (July 30) we discussed the possibility of establishing a youth group outside the Confirmation Ministry. Of course, confirmation students will be invited. We decided to have some fun activities at least once per month. Alondra Valdez-Klemek and Catherine Norris offered to start up this ministry. Fliers with detailed information will be posted at the entrance of the church. Please contact Alondra for more information.
We take the opportunity to thank Kaysha Nguyen who coordinated this ministry up to this point. She did it for few years beginning with her own confirmation program. Thank you Kaysha and we wish you the best in your college years!

Becoming Catholic

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a process of formation through which adults become Catholic and enter into the Catholic faith. It is also meant for those who were baptized but did not receive Confirmation or Eucharist. There are several rites and stages culminating with receiving the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion on Easter Vigil. We will start this ministry on Sunday, September 21, at 11:15am Mass. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a Catholic. If your spouse or an adult child is not Catholic, maybe you can invite him/her to join you.