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cross_4509c August 30, 2015, Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2015, Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 16, 2015, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 11-August 9, 2015, Special Edition

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2014 Poinsettia Memorial Masses
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Mass Intentions, August 29-Sep. 4, 2015

Saturday 4:30 pm    ✝  Jill Taylor, Jeffrey Taylor, Mary Roll
Sunday 9:00 am   ✝ Carol Ann Ring
Sunday 11:15 am   ✝ Jason Augustitus, Eli Munoz
Wednesday 7:00 am   ✝ Jeffrey Taylor
Thursday 7:00 am   ✝ Carol Ann Ring
Friday 7:00 am

RCIA Begins September 6

We will be starting the RCIA next Sunday, September 6, with 11:15am Mass. After the Mass all those interested to become Catholic or to learn more about the Catholic faith are invite to the parish conference room (adjacent to the bathrooms). Our first meeting will be introductions, registration forms, discussions about the program and calendar, topics of interest, etc. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Eventually each candidate must have a Catholic sponsor/ godparent. As per this week, there are three candidates, Lindsay Beery and John & Yoko Russo, who are interested to learn more about the Church and Catholicism. Please pray for them. We are still receiving registrations so if anyone is interested to join this program, just call the office or email us.

New Confirmation Class

We are receiving many inquiries to start a new confirmation class and that is truly remarkable. Initially we did not have many inquiries but that changed lately. Registrations for the new class can be received until September 27. Please contact us as soon as possible; new registrations must have a copy of the baptismal certificate.
On October 3, all confirmation students and parents must attend the 4:30pm Mass. After the Mass there will be a student/parent meeting with the pastor. Both years of Confirmation will commence on October 24. Confirmation students are required to come at 4:00pm to prepare for Mass. Classes will conclude at 6:15pm. There are only 12 meetings per year and attendance to all classes are mandatory. There will be fun events such as outdoor trips and social outreach – these are optional events. Copies of the Confirmation Calendar 2015/2016 are available at the entrance of the church.

New First Communion Class

It seems that we have enough students to start a new First Communion class. Both years of First Communion will start on September 13 with 9:00am Mass. We are still accepting registrations for First Communion (second graders and higher). Registration is not complete without a copy of the baptismal certificate. We no longer receive registrations after Sunday, September 6. Parents with children for First Communion are invited to bring the registration to the church office as soon as possible. First Communion calendars – for both years – are available at the entrance of the church.