Lord, you are good and forgiving, most merciful to all who call on you.

— Psalm 86:5

Bulletins & Notices

July 23, 2017Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 16, 2017Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 9, 2017Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 2, 2017Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Mass Intentions July 22 – 28

Saturday 4:30 pmThe sick of the parish
Sunday 9:00 amThe children of the parish
Sunday 11:15 amThe families of the parish
Sunday 5:00 pmLas familias de la parroquia
Wednesday 7:00 am✝ Darlene Sterling, Susan Burke
Thursday 7:00 amThe sick of the parish
Friday 7:00 am✝ Robin Flaherty

Special Events and Dates

Tuesday, August 15Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2017 Parish Registration Update

Dear New and Current Parishioners of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel,

I ask that you please take a few brief moments to update our parish registration. We have found that our current date base has many errors and in many circumstances is out of date. This has affected our ability as a parish to serve as effectively as we would like the diverse needs of our parish community.

The 2017 Parish Registration Update, when completed, can be place in the basket in front of the altar, dropped off, or sent to the parish office. The form is also available here in English, and aquí en Español.

Thank you for your faithfulness and loving commitment to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Dennis

Parish Faith Formation — Catechists Needed

We are now planning for our 2017-2018 Faith Formation Classes for children, youth, and adults of our Parish. We are in the need of additional Catechists. Please consider sharing your faith by serving our Lord and OLMC as a Catechist. Training will be offered. Please contact Fr. Dennis in the Parish Office.

Bereavement Ministry

This is an outreach to our parishioners who have lost a loved one. Interested in helping? Call or email Trudy Dowd 831-915-4619 or trudydowd@comcast.net.

Fence Replacement — Update

As announced in the past, the fence project has been delayed indefinitely. We are requesting bids from other contractors for the project and hope to be able to move forward on the project as soon as possible. When we have more infor- mation we will let you know. Thank you for your patience.

Second Collection

Our next 2nd Collection will be on Saturday and Sunday, July 29 and 30, for our Parish Grounds and Building Maintenance.

Noticias Especiales

Misa en Español – Cada domingo a las 5 pm.

Bautismos, Bodas, Quinceañeras – Favor de hablar con P. Dennis.

Confesiones – Cada sábado a las 3:30 pm y por cita.

Registro – ¡Favor de llenar la forma con el boletín.

Músicos – Si toca guitara u otro instrumento, favor de hablar con un miembro del coro para participar y servir en el ministerio muy importante a nuestra celebración de la Eucaristía. Gracias.

¿POR QUÉ SER CATOLICO? – Empezando en el otoño, nuestra parroquia participará en el proceso especial para profundizar y vivir la alegría de nuestra fe Católica que se llama ¿Por Qué Ser Católico? Las 6 semanas del otoño nos ofrecerá la oportunidad de crecer personalmente y juntos como comunidad parroquial. ¡Habrá mas información muy pronto!

Ministerio de Duelo – Para extendernos a nuestros parroquianos que han perdido un ser querido. ¿Tiene interés en ayudar? Favor de llamar o enviar un correo electrónico a Trudy Dowd (831) 915-4619 o trudydowd@comcast.net. “Dichosos los que lloran porque serán consolados.” Mateo 5:4

Why Catholic?

Beginning this Fall we will be participating as a parish in the Why Catholic? process. The small Christian community process will offer us a special opportunity to grow in the joy of our faith, understand the power of God’s Word in our lives, link our faith with our everyday life, and experience the gift of fellowship in community as Catholics.

Why Catholic? is a unique opportunity for our parish to make our faith not only more meaningful, but truly alive! The once a week sessions for six weeks in the Fall will be a very powerful means of growth for each of us individually, as well as for the parish as a community. Please plan ahead to join us in this special spiritual journey guided by the Holy Spirit. More on our Why Catholic? process will soon be available.

Youth Corner

Let’s pray today and always to trust in God even during those times when things aren’t the way we would like them to be. For example, those times when we experience weeds growing together with the wheat! God’s wisdom and love are guiding and inviting all of us to conversion.