Why Catholic?

This fall, our parish will be implementing a new ministry called Why Catholic. Why Catholic is a series of six week sessions, in the fall and spring, designed to bring faith sharing communities together to deepen our beliefs and understanding of our Catholic faith. Our first session will be on prayer and deepening our relationship with God, and each other, through prayer.

Each faith community will have a group facilitator and will consist of 8 to 10 members who will meet weekly for six weeks, starting in early October and ending in mid November. We are looking for members of our parish, and faith community, to sign up as either participants and/or facilitators. The number of sign ups will determine how many facilitators we will need. Sign-ups will be after church, both this weekend and two weekends from now, if you are interested. On another note, if you are not comfortable being a facilitator, but would be ok hosting the group as a participant, that is an option as well. If you have any questions, please contact Tess Arthur at tessors@hotmail.com/831-596-5170 or Alondra Klemek at lalavk@hotmail.com/831-277-1294.